About Gratefulness

Some friends and I wanted to be more consistent with writing things we were grateful for. I built this site to help us.

After signing you'll receive a daily email prompt asking what you're grateful for. Respond, we'll store your entry privately and send you a weekly recap.

We think (and so does science) that being more aware of what you're grateful for can help you in every facet of your life.


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No! Definitely not! But if you have any questions about your data, you can contact me at neeraj.kapoor@learntobe.org. Side note: you can export your data by clicking on the top right of your account and selecting "Export Data".
Yes! You have the option to share your posts on our #{link_to 'Public Entries', '/public'} page, but even there, your posts are shared anonymously.
It's up to you! In your account settings, you can opt-in to receiving prompts everyday! But one of my good friends who studies gratitude said that doing it once or twice a week is great. And sometimes preferred because gratitude "fatigue" might set in. That being said, do what works best for you. For reference, I have mine turned on everyday but don't respond everyday.
No, you can respond anytime!

You may notice the 'Built with ♥ by Learn To Be' text in the footer. Or 'Learn To Be' in a credit card receipt if you sign up for SMS notifications. What is that?

Learn To Be is a non-profit I started with my childhood best friend 15 years ago. We bring free, 1-on-1, online tutoring to underserved youth around the United States. We work with homeless youth, foster youth and other struggling students across the nation. As of this writing (in early 2024), we've hosted over 200,000 hours of tutoring for over 11,000 students aged 5-18.

I run Gratefulness under the Learn To Be banner mostly because I didn't know how else to host it! If you're interested, learn more by visiting https://www.learntobe.org